Just got attacked earlier today by a woman who’s apparently already known among the Chiari community to be a vicious cyberbully. All I did was share ACTUAL RESEARCH regarding EDS and Acquired Chiari, and this woman, plus one of her kindred a bit later, dove right into how “dense” and “harmful” I was. Maybe you caught a glimpse of it – it was in the comments on a video shared by a certain Texas news anchor about her recent Chiari diagnosis. I’m sure if you hunt through the fb, you’ll see it. I blocked the first woman. And then I blocked the second woman. And then woman #1 came back with a second fb account to be even meaner and more aggressive in her misinformation campaign.

WHAT. THE. FUCK!! is wrong with people?!?!

So, I thought, in case anyone else needs to report someone for cyberbullying, I’d share a link about how to go about it: