Hello, friends. Just thought I’d jump on for a quick hello. I don’t get much time alone with our only usable computer while Hubby’s home, but I hope you all know I’m still here, trying to keep up with everyone. I’ve not been functioning all that well, either, so braining the words has been knocked down the list of priorities. Hubby has been so sweet, doing whatever he can to help, and for that I am immensely grateful. He’s currently out getting groceries and recently actually got down on his bad knees to scrub the tub and run a bath for me, AND the other day, I got a niiiiiice coconut oil massage, hairy legs and all. (I didn’t realize til he was rubbing my back just how much of it was actually numb. He had to push enough to wear out his big strong man hands just for me to feel anything. Fun stuff.)

It’s been a bittersweet blessing having him home all day everyday lately. I’ve not had all the alone time I prefer, and we’ve had a few rough days just getting to each other, but we’ve also been able to bond and get a bit closer. He got offered a job with a hefty pay increase, and the weight of that burden shifting has lifted our moods lately – just a bit, though. This is a contract job at a military base 1 1/2 – 2 hours away, and it only lasts til October, so while finances will improve, I’ll be spending quite a bit of time without him. It doesn’t start til May, which is good, but he’s got several things military he’ll be traveling for between now and then. He’s switching units, too, which has me suspicious. If all goes well, this is leading toward a promotion and moving out of this town sometime this year. We’ll see, though, as it depends on what’s available come October. I’m terrified he’ll be promoted into something that sends him overseas, and I’ll be left alone right before scheduling neurosurgery.

We make that 2 1/2 hour drive northeast again on Monday to see the other spine and joint specialists this last guy referred me to, and then on Tuesday the 4th, I see the new neurosurgeon. I finally picked up some dividers so I can get my growing medical file better organized, and I’m excited for how professional it’ll look. Just waiting on the hands, fingers, wrists, head and neck to agree to the workload. Monday is my deadline, though, so it’ll happen soon enough 🙂

I saw my ENT guy recently, and he put in the order for me to get a swallow study done. The hospital called to schedule, but I haven’t returned the call yet. I do have another appointment with the gyno and a new GI on April 5th and 6th. Pretty sure next step with the gyno is an ultrasound, and I bet the GI will wanna start with fresh endo- and colonoscopies. Joy. I love my gyno, though, and the GI shares an office with my ENT, which I think bodes well – the ENT knows a bit more about EDS than any of the other local doctors seem to, and he said the GI was not the typical kind of GI who just wants to scope you and be done.

I ran out of my collagen supplement, and I’ve been eating more bad foods lately (#stresseater, #gimmemydamncomfortfood), so I’m essentially in the red zone on cognitive function, nerve pain, fatigue, sensitivity, bruising, abdominal ripping to shreds, breathing and heart-rate shenanigans… Just a general shitshow, and I’m pretty sure this collagen I’ve been testing out was doing more than I thought it was. We ordered some, but it’ll be a week and a half before it gets here – not liking the idea that I may not feel any better for a couple weeks. Today’s activities included: cereal, bath, minimal seated shower to wash off bath gunk, reheated rice, and now typing. I’m actually seeing double and watching the screen with a head tilt, though, so the typing will be stopping soon.

Horizontal I go for now, but to my friends up north and across the pond, keep talking. I may not be on here much to talk to you, but it’s always a comfort to jump on here and see that as dark or gritty as my day might be, I’m not alone in this war.

Much love to all of you.

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