A while back, my friend Squidgeaboo (The EDS Chronicles) nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I was too depleted to follow the rules then, but here goes!


  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog – Thanks, Squidgeaboo!!
  • Post about the award – Tadah!
  • Share seven facts about yourself – Keep scrolling…
  • Nominate at most 15 other people – I don’t think I even follow that many people, so this one will not be satisfied. Sorry, folks.
  • Tell your nominees the good news.

About this award:

A fantastic reminder to be positive and get behind all of the artistry and bravery of those sharing their stories and thoughts.

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. My favorite smell is diesel exhaust. Dunno why, exactly, but it’s comforting. You’d think it has to do with having spent lots of time around diesel engines as a child or something, but that didn’t happen. Dad has a degree in Diesel Mechanics, but he never used it for working on engines.
  2. My (2nd) husband and I were only together a couple months before we married. Our first date was February 19th, 2012, and our wedding day was May 12, 2012. It’s not quite an official “whirlwind romance” – we actually grew up together, having met, we believe, in fifth grade (~10 years old). We didn’t hang out in school but were always friendly; didn’t keep in touch or anything, but we reconnected on facebook about ten years ago. The first time we actually physically hung out, that was it. A week later, I gave him a key to my apartment, and by the end of March, we were planning a wedding.
  3. I cannot live without green olives – Mezzetta Martini Olives, to be exact. End of story.
  4. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my most favorite actors. Bruce Willis is on the list, too, a little further down. I realized recently that Hubby is a good balance of the traits I like best in each of these two. 😉
  5. I’ve known since childhood that this life wouldn’t be a long one. Last year, I crossed over and came back. Death doesn’t scare me, and I think that’s part of what fuels my perseverance through all this medical bullshit. What I do fear is the effect it’ll have on Hubby.
  6. I am immensely proud of my Scottish heritage. My father’s mother was born either right before or right after her parents brought their then young family over to the US. We’re part of the McMurray Clan, the clan who provided horses and weapons to William Wallace. We were swordsmiths and got knighted long ago for blacksmithing prowess, which makes my dad and his brothers’ knack for metal work quite unsurprising. (Dad’s been a CNC machinist as long as I can remember, most of his brothers work or have worked at a steel mill, all but one have done mostly factory work, the one who hasn’t went to school for architecture and now designs private jets, and they’re all car guys both in the mechanic sense and in the drag racing sense.)
  7. I/we collect rocks. That’s what I take as a souvenir when we travel. I’ve always been a bit of a naturalist, and our vacations are always nature-based. Of course, that has changed a bit with my medical issues, but for the rock collection, it just means a slower growth rate. Even out on short day trips, if we find a fun or interesting rock on our journey, it comes home with us.rocks

And now, the Nominees:

Actually, in all honesty, the people I’d nominate here have already been nominated by others for the same award, and it feels silly for me to nominate them again. So, I’m gonna be the asshole who doesn’t nominate anyone this go-round. If that loses me points in your book, … Well, I have zero shits to give. I will not hesitate, though, to throw this award out to someone in the future when I feel they’ve written something spectacular that warrants special attention.

If I read your blog, especially if I care enough to comment, you should feel special. Not because I’m anything special but because reading, for me, is complicated by both my processing issues and my aversion to poor writing. Seriously, if it’s poorly written or riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes, I can’t read it. My inner teacher throws me into a “correct it” loop, and I get stuck, unable to move past the problem. My brain actually gets trapped, and I can’t process meaning behind what’s written; all I see is a problem that needs fixed. I’ve always been that way, and I’m pretty sure it’s an Autism thing.

*I’m always happy to proofread if you’re interested. It actually brings me joy.*