Hello, friends. Yes, I’m still here. I’ve had plenty to write about, but our only working computer is also our entertainment center. Everything we watch requires the laptop, and with Hubby home all day now, getting quiet alone time to write hasn’t really happened. Plus, I’ve not been getting many extended periods of mental clarity. Lots of cognitive, visual, and C-spine trouble lately, and my pain levels have been higher.

I do return to the spine specialist tomorrow, though, so I wanted to reach out and ask for good energy to be sent our way. Three hours in the car (NOT the truck, oy), starting at 6:00 o’-fucking-clock in the morning for a 9:00 set of MRIs they say will take about two hours: brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar with flexion/extension. Then we return for followup at 2:30. A longtime friend I haven’t seen in years lives close to where we’ll be, so the plan is to meet up with him during our lunch break. I’m fully expecting it to be the highlight of my day. Might be the only good part, as I’m expecting difficult news from the doctor and a high amount of stress and pain.

I’ll definitely post his findings afterward. It may take me a few days to process before brain makes words happen, but Hubby has drill this weekend so I’ll have a good deal of free time to write then. For Wednesday, though, please send good vibes/energy/juju/prayers/whatever the fuck you call it.