The Presidential race has me thinking about a painting I did earlier this year titled “Incoming”. If either Trump or Clinton make it into the White House, my husband and I will be expecting WWIII. You bet your ass we’ll be voting for either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Save me your “wasted vote” bullshit. I know better. I do my own research, and because of that, I KNOW that Johnson can win the election. Stein probably has no chance of winning, but the more votes she gets this election, the higher her chances (or whichever candidate gets the nomination for the Green Party) are of being taken seriously in 2020, and each vote for her does take one away from the shit-stained donkey and elephant fiasco. Further, anyone “voting for the lesser of two evils” has been brainwashed by mass media misinformation and needs to work on their independent thinking skills. Seriously, take the time to do some reading. Get to know all the candidates via proven facts, and then ask yourself if you really think anything Clinton or Trump says can be taken seriously in respect to policies they’ll actually adhere to if elected. If you’ve researched properly, the answer will be that they are not to be trusted. They are manipulating people into giving them power, just as abusers do.

From its description on Etsy:

“Life is a battlefield. Sometimes we send our soldiers off to war, sometimes the people revolt, and sometimes the battle is so small only two hearts risk breaking. No matter who the opponent is or where the battle is or what weapons get used, seeing an incoming threat is the most important part of self-preservation. For survivors of abusive relationships, getting familiar with what triggers an attack and the signs that things are about to explode are key to staying as safe as possible. As a military wife, this piece has double meaning for me. It is all the fragments of myself watching the destruction headed my way while simultaneously remembering all those little deaths I suffered in each previous battle (while trapped in abuse). It’s also the terror of what’s going on in the world right now and the possibility of losing my husband – my safe haven – with respect paid to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

The cross fence and smoke both have gunmetal paint specifically for calling to mind the weaponry people use in deadly battles. The subtle, subdued blue, green, grey and black speak to the passive and somber nature of those being attacked, while the neon oranges and bright white provide the shocking contrast of violence.”



Trump and Clinton are toxic and abusive to this nation’s people, and they need to be stopped. Johnson and Stein aren’t the greatest, but they at least have INTEGRITY and a GENUINE concern for the populace. Our government needs an overhaul, and it begins with the ballot this November – not just for the Presidency, but at all levels. Go vote, and use your vote to flush out all the political offices on the ballot. Get to know every candidate running for every office, and show them that you’re tired of being bullied by the oligarchy. Replace the old system with new faces, new ideas, new approaches to old problems that just keep getting worse. Remind those asshats that the American public pays their salary because they are there to SERVE US as our REPRESENTATIVES – they are not our ruling class, and they need to stop behaving as though they are our superiors.


This painting is available for sale on Prints can be made available. Please inquire via Etsy if interested.