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This painting is about the anticipation of exciting new things happening, about the rush of exhilaration that sneaks up on you from behind some large obstacle as you finally find your way around it and see a whole new world of possibilities. The liveliness and movement of it embody the electric energy of creation and hope.

“What world is this that I’m about to step into? What things are hidden behind this obstacle that I can finally see clearly? Why am I now able make out its borders and details? Was I too far lost before? Were the ghosts in my forest too loud and blinding? Were the shadows too suffocating for me to sense that sweet smell of hope? Was I too frozen with fear to feel the warm breeze wafting in?

Yes. The answers are all ‘yes’.

Yes, I was too frozen. Yes, my ghosts and their shadows had me overpowered. Yes, I was lost in a world of darkness, loss, and No. Yes, I was choking on the toxicity of solitude and entrapment.

So now, at last, I see this new world of Yes.

I finally looked up, and I saw the threshold. I found what the limits were to this domain, and I said yes to looking beyond them. That flicker of hope pierced through my dampened senses, and the twinkle of desire I’d almost completely discarded became fuel. The day came that I could finish my journey through the blackness of others’ demands and emerge into my own aspirations, and the stellar fire ignited.

It’s my gleaming brilliance beyond that tree. Those are my colors climbing to the top and reaching out for sunlight. The affirmations of my own soul had been hidden from me, but here they were, just waiting to be seen again.

And oh, how much vivacity they hold!

I cannot wait one moment more to dance with my own luminescence. I will not. It was there, trapped in the smallest of openings, and I have reclaimed it. We’ll twirl together in that fissure, splitting it further and further into a chasm of love and light, and it will never close.

It cannot close. There are too many here, now. Together in the glow of Yes, our fires warm the ice from the air and feed life back into the darkness, forcing its retreat.”

16″x20″ Original acrylic painting on back-stapled canvas Buy it on Etsy